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Easily add LINE Messenger as a customer service channel

Local Measure further expands its omnichannel capability to improve customer experience.

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Local Measure, a leading Customer Experience Management solutions provider, is thrilled to announce the addition of LINE Messenger as a native channel to its Engage cloud contact center platform.

The addition of LINE means businesses can now manage customer interactions via LINE directly through Local Measure's CCaaS platform, streamlining the process of engaging with customers on this popular messaging app. Additionally, with LINE's popularity in Asia and other regions, this integration offers businesses a new way to reach and engage customers on their preferred channel. 

This article will give you an overview of LINE Messenger, why it matters, and how businesses can use it to enhance customer engagement strategies.

What is LINE Messenger App? 

“More than just a Messenger App. LINE is a new level of communication, and the very infrastructure of your life.” (LINE)

With so many communication channels available, knowing where to focus your efforts can take time and effort. So here's why LINE Messenger should be on your radar.

LINE Messenger is a popular messaging app used by millions of people across Asia and around the world. The app was launched in 2011 by the Japanese company LINE Corporation and has since become a dominant player in the messaging app market. There are 178 million LINE users in its four main markets (Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan), with 92 million in Japan alone. Approximately 88% of Japan's adult population uses LINE. Making it one of the most used apps in the country.

LINE a Customer Service Channel 

As messaging apps continue to rise, businesses increasingly turn to these platforms to communicate with customers. With LINE's popularity in Asia, it is an important channel for companies looking to connect with customers in this region. In addition, LINE is a powerful customer service channel because it allows businesses to communicate with customers in both real-time and asynchronously, providing quick and efficient responses to their queries.

The addition of LINE messenger to Local Measure's Engage platform is significant for several reasons. 

  • It allows businesses to connect with customers through a new channel, reaching a broader audience and enhancing customer engagement strategies.
  • LINE messenger is particularly popular in Asia, where millions of people use it. For businesses looking to expand into Asian markets, having a presence on LINE messenger is crucial. 
  • LINE messenger offers a range of unique features that can help businesses connect with customers in new and innovative ways.

Benefits of Using LINE in Engage

Businesses with a large customer base in Asia, particularly Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand, need to ensure that they can support their customers on a channel they use every day. Unfortunately, adding this channel to an omnichannel contact center can be difficult, but Local Measure makes it easy. 

Local Measure's flagship product, Engage for Amazon Connect, is an omnichannel agent desktop and platform powered by AWS that enables contact centers to manage inbound customer queries across voice and digital channels via a single platform. With the addition of LINE natively to its platform, Local Measure is further expanding its omnichannel capabilities and helping businesses connect with and support customers in Asia on their preferred channel. This new channel sits alongside existing integrations with Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, WeChat, WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat.

Customer Benefits

Customers want to communicate with businesses using a channel that is convenient to them, not what is convenient to you.

Expand your customer base within Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan with LINE. Not only can your customers like and share your content and buy your products, but now they can continue their journey with your brand without leaving LINE. In addition, customers can reduce the effort required to solve their issues via a channel where they are already spending time.

Agent Benefits

Agents want to solve customers' issues quickly no matter how they choose to contact your organization.

Your agents can now seamlessly interact with customers contacting your business via LINE. In addition, now your agents can view all LINE messages just as they would any other channel without needing extra training. In addition they will see this in a single interface alongside a complete customer contact history and knowledge base articles.

Agent view of LINE messages in Engage

Business Benefits

Reduce the cost of serving your customers by deflecting them to a digital channel.

More easily attract a new audience by adding LINE to your digital CX strategy. Now allow your customers to view, shop, share and engage with your business via LINE. Serving customers through a digital channel such as LINE instead of via the phone reduces the cost to your business.

LINE is just one of a number of native digital channels available out-of-the-box with Engage. Find out more here!

Want to add social channels to your contact center?

Local Measure makes it easy.

March 15, 2023

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