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Local Measure: A Year In Review

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2020 has not been easy. This year’s global pandemic has placed an unfathomable strain on businesses, economies, families and relationships. Mentally, physically and emotionally - it has been exhausting.

Like many other businesses, Local Measure has also faced unexpected challenges, changing customer behavior and new working norms. And also like many other businesses, we’ve spent much of the year making lemons into lemonade. To finish the year on a strong note, we wanted to share some positive news from Local Measure. 

Here are a few of our highlights from 2020...

We launched Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect

We watched first hand as many of our customers had to adapt to new remote working conditions while simultaneously dealing with increased call loads and more demanding expectations. We recognized the growing demand for convenience - customers preferring to communicate with businesses via digital channels rather than the phone. And as a result, we identified the opportunity to build our newest product, Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect - an omnichannel agent desktop that allows contact center agents and customer service representatives to manage inbound customer calls and direct messages across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Apple Business Chat, WeChat, email, web chat and SMS all via a single interface. We pride ourselves on building intuitive CX products that empower brands to create exceptional customer experiences, and we’re excited to add Engage for Amazon Connect to our suite. 

We achieved AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency status

We continued to strengthen our partnership with Amazon Web Services and we finished the year by achieving AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency status. AWS launched the AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency to help customers find highly specialized AWS Partners with proven customer success and technical proficiency. We’re thrilled to be among the first AWS Partners to achieve this status, particularly at such a crucial time for the industry as it navigates the ongoing impacts of Covid-19.  

We redesigned our website

In light of the evolution to our product offerings, we wanted to revamp Local Measure’s website. As anyone who has designed or re-designed a website knows, structuring information and design in a clear and intuitive way is a lot harder than it looks. After a number of months of preparation and development, our new website is live and we’re really proud of the outcome. Still filled with Local Measure personality, our new website is a much better reflection of our current value proposition and all the products and solutions we offer from customer feedback and analytics to customer engagement, contact center solutions and customer experience. Take a look around and if you have any feedback, let us know.

We welcomed new team members

Although we had a few team members depart this year, the launch of our new product Engage for Amazon Connect and the growing demands on our product and engineering team, saw reason to start hiring again. Back in September, Annette Harms joined our Finance team and Matt Streatfield came on board as a new engineer. Most recently, we welcomed Bennett Borofka to the team as our new Solution Architect based in the USA. Stay tuned for some more introductions in the new year too... We’re currently hiring for two engineers (one in Barcelona and one in Australia), Solutions Architect based in Australia, Product Designer and Product Marketing Manager. If you know someone who might be a great fit, tell them to apply. Life at Local Measure is busy, but always rewarding and lots of fun.  

Local Measure Customer Success Team

While things won’t immediately change as we transition from 31 December 2020 to 1 January 2021, we are filled with an underlying sense of hope that next year will bring more progress and momentum. Customer expectations have never been greater, and having a CX strategy has never been more important. We look forward to working closely with all our clients across hospitality, hotels, tourism, retail, finance, telco, media and government, enhancing our customer experience platform to help empower companies to turn every customer into a loyal advocate. 

We still believe in a world where every customer interaction is exceptional and we can’t wait to help you achieve it. 

Interested in Local Measure’s customer experience platform for a fresh start in 2021? Learn more here

December 18, 2020

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