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Local Measure Launches Amazon Connect Cases

Easily Track and Manage Customer Issues for Faster Resolution and Increased Customer Satisfaction

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Local Measure is excited to announce the launch of Amazon Connect Cases in its cloud contact center software, Engage. With this new feature, businesses can easily track and manage customer issues across Voice, Chat, Email, SMS and Social Messaging from start to finish, improving first-call resolution times and enhancing the overall customer experience.

What is Amazon Connect Cases?

Amazon Connect Cases is an all-in-one case management solution that can help contact centers increase customer satisfaction by reducing resolution time. It enables agents to automatically capture case data and view case history and activity in one place, eliminating the need to switch between systems manually. This feature provides agents with a unified view to document customer issues and organize them into cases for quicker resolution. As a result, contact centers can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase customer satisfaction by streamlining case management.

What are the benefits? 

According to SQM's CX research, 93% of customers expect their call to be resolved on the first contact. However, The First Call Resolution industry standard for a good FCR rate is 70% to 79%. Cases will go some way toward helping businesses to bridge the gap between customer expectations and current reality. 

There are many benefits for those contact centers that enable Cases via Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect. 

Faster, more efficient problem-solving for seamless customer service

Having customer service agents equipped with a complete view of the customer history and their issues means that your customers will no longer need to explain their problems multiple times. Instead, similar interactions across all channels will be organized into Cases, making it easier for agents to quickly understand the issue and address it appropriately. With agents having better customer context, customers will benefit from faster and more consistent problem-solving, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, more streamlined customer service processes lead to less frustration and improved customer experiences. By providing agents with relevant, contextual information quickly and easily via Cases, businesses can ensure their customers can avoid repeating themselves endlessly.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • Because Agents will have a view of the customer history and issues grouped into cases, customers won’t have to explain their contact history each time. 
  • Interactions will be organized into groups, helping agents quickly understand and address the issue appropriately.
  • Easier and more efficient customer service with better customer context
  • Increased customer satisfaction with faster and more consistent problem solving
  • A single case can house customer interactions across Voice, Chat, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and Line

Unlock Customer Insights and Resolve Cases Quickly and Effectively.

Using Cases, agents can save time and energy by having all necessary customer information available in one easy-to-use location. Cases give agents a comprehensive understanding of a customer's experience with the business, from tracking the number of contacts to getting insights into how long cases take to resolve. Additionally, agents can easily see an overview of similar contacts to understand customers' needs better and make more informed decisions due to more customer context. Ultimately, this enables agents to spend less time sifting through multiple contacts and take fewer steps to quickly and effectively resolve customer issues.

Benefits for Contact Center Agents

  • Have all necessary customer information organized in one easy-to-use location regardless of the channel the customer uses to contact the business
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of a customer's experience with your business and easily see case history.
  • Keep track of the number of contacts taken to resolve a case to better understand customer support processes.
  • Make more informed decisions with more customer context. 
  • Spend less time sifting through multiple contacts.
  • Quickly respond to customer inquiries and solve cases faster

A streamlined, cost-effective workflow solution for businesses of any size.

For businesses, workflow management solutions can help improve organization and productivity within the contact center. An excellent choice for those without an existing workflow management solution, this tool efficiently organizes and manages customer cases in a centralized location and is easy to set up and customize to fit your needs. It also streamlines business processes and offers a cost-efficient solution for businesses starting out or with limited resources. Furthermore, its deployment is faster and more efficient than traditional workflow management solutions, allowing you to quickly respond to customer inquiries and solve cases faster. You can customize workflows to better fit customer service processes and provide  streamlined organization of tasks and communications, resulting in fewer bottlenecks.

Benefits for Businesses

  • Improves organization and productivity within the contact center
  • Great for businesses that do not have an existing workflow management solution 
  • Easily organize and manage customer cases in a centralized location 
  • Easy to set up and customize to fit your needs
  • Cost-efficient solution for businesses that are just starting out or with limited resources
  • Streamlined organization of tasks and communications, resulting in fewer bottlenecks

In Summary

Cases allows agents to track and manage omnichannel customer issues in one unified view, making it easier to accelerate resolution times, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Cases are just one of several features that can improve the customer experience and drive efficiency via your contact center using Local Measure's Engage CCaaS. Engage leverages Amazon Connect, Customer Profiles, Amazon Connect Chat and Amazon Connect Tasks alongside Cases to deliver a turnkey, out of the box and fast time to value solution for contact centers looking to migrate to the cloud.

Want to easily track and manage customer issues for faster resolution and increased customer satisfaction?

February 22, 2023

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