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Let’s face it… no one buys a new iPhone and reads the user guide. You just get on with using it and you work it out as you go. Until someone changes your life with a casual remark like “Don’t you know you can just press this button and it does it all for you…”.

Local Measure is a user-focused product committed to ongoing innovations and improvements. With Engage for Amazon Connect, we recognize the daily grind faced by contact center agents and we’ve created a beautiful and intuitive cloud contact center platform to make agents happy, even when they’re dealing with unhappy customers. 

But we also know that agents are busy and that they may not have time to realize all of Local Measure’s capabilities. To help out, we’ve highlighted a few key features of our cloud contact center solution that perhaps you weren’t aware of. Here they are...

Agents can customize their call settings

For a personal touch, contact center agents can choose from multiple ringtones and volume settings to meet their preferences. 

Agents can multi-task with ease

With our Compact CCP (Contact Control Panel) which takes up just 25% of screen real estate, agents can multitask while talking with customers, moving easily between different apps and all the while keeping the customer contact within view. 

Agents can transfer customer notes when they transfer calls

Internal agent notes no longer need to exist in an agent-silo. As calls are transferred, notes are too, helping to reduce friction and that age old issue of customers having to answer the same set of questions again and again.

Agents can pause and resume call recordings

Agents can reassure customers that their personal data will remain secure by pausing call recordings whenever sensitive customer information is being discussed, and resuming recording again thereafter.

Supervisors can create predefined follow-up tasks

Feel like every second customer has the same request? Maybe they want a copy of their statement, update their billing details, or cancel their account. Supervisors can create predefined tasks based on common customer requests and agents will be prompted with these action items based on text analysis.

Social channels are pre-built and ready to go at a moments notice

You can begin using our omnichannel solution at a moment's notice. All our social channels are pre-built and ready to switch on, and with direct integrations we’ve also alleviated the risks associated with using third party vendors. 

Queues and workflows don’t need to be recreated per channel

Bots and automation aren’t channel dependent. They can be used across whatever channels you have, without having to recreate queues and workflows every time. 

Engage gives agents more time to look after more customers

With workflow automations such as welcome messages, idle messages, and response snippets, Engage reduces repetitive work and provides efficiency gains to make agents more productive with their time. 

Engage offers a consumption-only pricing model

Our On Demand package charges customers per call, message and task only. No lock-in contracts, no minimum spend, and no wasted investment. Scale up and back down as demand requires, and only upgrade to a monthly subscription when you’re ready. 

That’s it for today’s handy hints, but we assure you, there are plenty more to come. Our platform is releasing new features all the time which all users benefit from, no matter what plan they’re on. Our Product & Engineering team are working on some really exciting features at the moment and we’ll share them with you as soon as they let us! 

Considering a cloud contact center solution for your business? Learn how Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect can help. 

November 18, 2021

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