The Local Measure platform is designed to help operations and marketing teams create exceptional, personalized customer experiences. Maybe you’ve got the basics covered, but do you ever wonder whether there’s a quicker or better way to get something done? This week we’re sharing some tips/work hacks that will save you time and allow you to do things you didn’t know you could.

We’ve learned from our clients across all industries that creating a better customer experience requires increasing the meaningful interactions staff have with customers as well as cross-functional collaboration. Tony Hsieh, CEO of, has stated, “Customer service shouldn't just be a department, it should be the entire company.” Not only does this statement stand true across industries, it highlights the point that producing exceptional customer experiences requires multiple teams working together.

We’ve rolled out a number of updates to the Local Measure platform this year based on how we can make the most impact for you and help deliver exceptional customer experiences. Check out the list below and see each one explained in detail in our Pro Tips guide.

1. Instantly discover your most loyal customers

Which of your customers have visited the most? Which locations do they seem to prefer? Find out through sorting by location.

2. Create collections of content by tagging photos

Group similar social media posts by marking them with a custom tag.

3. Hold on to those amazing customer photos

Make sure that your user-generated-content doesn't expire from your gallery – keep it safe with Local Measure.

4. Export data and charts for your reports in a snap

Everybody has metrics that they need to report on. Local Measure helps you build internal reports with the charts and data you need.

5. Search for any customer, across any location

Maybe you have a customer with a long history at another one of your brand's locations. Search for information on that customer across any number of properties.

6. Share customer notes with your team

Enable cross-functional collaboration for your business through the customer notes feature.

7. Customize your social galleries and screens

Match your business' branding with Local Measure's theme editor.

8. Use keywords to surface social posts from specific locations

Learn how to quickly see photos of weddings held at your venue, or some other specific theme.

9. Find out which customer photos drive the most sales

Set up the Google Analytics integration to see which photos get the most clicks.

10. Get insights on your regular customers

Keep tabs on who returns to visit you to better understand your most loyal customers.

11. Get private, direct feedback before your customers leave

Ask customers for feedback in a way that's unobtrusive and immediately actionable for front-line teams.

12. Acquire new customers through Social Wi-Fi

Local Measure's Wi-Fi solution allows you to gain new customer records and enrich existing ones.

Local Measure’s product suite allows operations and marketing teams to make customer insights the single source of truth for all decision making. Through Pulse, Engage, Social Wi-Fi and Curate, front line teams can gain a 360° view of their customer and take immediate action.