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Local Measure Revolutionizes Contact Center Costs With Usage-Only Pricing

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With the advent of cloud-based technology, the world has experienced a growing trend towards customer-centric, on-demand consumption. Businesses like iTunes, AirBNB and Uber have all disrupted their markets with on-demand consumption pricing. In the telco industry, PAYG mobile phone plans continue to be a popular, easy to access choice, and in the world of cloud storage, AWS led the way from the very beginning with affordable pay-as-you-go pricing vastly different to the complex plans devised by many of their competitors. 

So it must come as a rude shock to most CEO’s today when they’re told by their Technology team that their contact center deployment will be a 7-8 figure capex, paid in advance, estimated by the number of agents who ‘might’ use the solution and it ‘should’ be able to be tested and live within 12 months. That sounds a little out of date… and expensive.

At Local Measure we’re following the lead of AWS and revolutionizing contact center pricing. We believe all businesses should have access to innovative, enterprise-level cloud contact center technology. The barriers to entry should no longer exist.

Contact center omnichannel solution

‘On Demand’ with Engage for Amazon Connect is a pure usage-only pricing model. We do not charge per named agent, per unnamed agent, or per hour of software used. Our pricing is far simpler than that. Customers using Local Measure’s On Demand pricing are charged only for each call, message or task they use. No hidden fees, no product limitations and no pressure to commit to a subscription. Simply pay for as much or as little as you use, when you use it. 

Gone are the difficult conversations when it comes to what your contact center will cost. Gone are the seven figure budgets… that rapidly turn into eight figures. Gone are the 12-month implementation periods. 

Making cloud contact centers easy, accessible and affordable. 

Below are the benefits of consumption-based pricing with Engage for Amazon Connect.

No lock in contracts

Subscription-based pricing is very popular with cloud contact center services. But the commitment to paying a monthly fee, for even just 12 months, can be enough to scare businesses away - particularly SMBs. Instead, Local Measure’s On Demand pricing option with Engage for Amazon Connect is pure usage-only. It offers you a risk-free way to get started, no contracts, no time commitments - just pay as you go.

No cloud wastage

Research by Flexera shows that an estimated 30% of cloud spend by organizations is wasted. In preparation for busy seasonal periods, businesses often commit to contracts that result in over provisioning for the remainder of the year. Our Engage for Amazon Connect usage-only pricing negates this problem entirely, allowing you to scale up and down as your business requires. Simply pay for as much or as little as you use, and don’t waste any more money on a commitment larger than your workload requires. 

No product limitations

We’ve all seen those tables a thousand times before – check marks indicating what you get with each level of subscription. So often the basic level fails to deliver the one thing you really need, so you promptly increase your spend by going to the next subscription level up. With Engage for Amazon Connect, we want you to have the full product experience without any limitations. So while our On Demand usage-only pricing option appears to be the basic entry level point, it’s only basic in terms of cost. The full suite of product capabilities are there for you to enjoy, every day, for as long as you like.

No pressure

Best of all, Local Measure’s On Demand pricing is not limited in time like a 14-day free trial. You are under no pressure to commit or to start paying more. Simply pay as you go, for as long as you like. And when customer demand for your contact center increases, and your business is ready, you can upgrade to a subscription plan then (Starter, Medium, Large or Enterprise). But only when the time’s right for you.

There’s no need to commit to oversized solution packages just to meet occasional high demand times anymore. With Local Measure On Demand, you can now implement an omnichannel agent desktop powered by Amazon Connect without any upfront fees, no lock-in contract, and no monthly minimum costs. Whether you run a small business, or are simply just looking for a risk-free entry point, this is the perfect way to start your cloud contact center journey. 

Engage for Amazon Connect – Get everything you need, only pay for what you use. Learn more about our flexible pricing for contact centers here

March 9, 2021

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