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Why It’s Time to Re-Examine Your Instagram Handle Strategy

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Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012, we have seen Instagram continue to develop, launching new features and strengthening ties to Facebook itself. While the acquisition might be in the rear-view mirror for many businesses, the recent changes that have occurred to these social platforms, such as the debut of Instagram Business Profiles, prompt new questions surrounding the future of social.

You might remember back in 2007 when Facebook introduced Facebook Pages. Businesses were quick to create a distinctive Facebook Page to represent themselves on social media, seeing the ability to market their brand and engage with their followers in a more personable manner beneficial. Today, over a decade later, the introduction of Instagram Business Profiles is a move that similarly encourages businesses to create local identities for their various business locations.

5 things to consider when determining your Instagram handle strategy

As you review what options exist for your business’s social journey, here are five key questions to consider that ensure you take into account the evolving nature of social.

If you answered yes to at least three of these questions, then based on the changes that Instagram has recently introduced, your goals will be better achieved via local-level Instagram (business) accounts for your brand. For example, one benefit of local-level accounts is that, if your business’ address is the same on both Facebook and Instagram, the two platforms integrate, prompting Instagram to map your official location tag to your Instagram account. Not only will your customers have a truly seamless experience when engaging with your business across channels, but if they share an image from Instagram at your location tag directly on Facebook, they may also receive a notification asking them to leave a review on your Facebook Page.

As Instagram continues to integrate with Facebook, the connections between the two platforms will undoubtedly grow stronger. Businesses that do not adapt to this tightening relationship will likely end up hindering their customer journeys. In light of this, it is important to re-examine your current social strategy and owned pages in order to make informed decisions that align with the long-term interests of your brand.

October 19, 2018

Gabi Katz

Account Coordinator, Local Measure

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