Acquire and interact with more customers through our integrated solution.

“Local Measure allows us to be much more responsive and it also allows us to build up a set of data over time so that we can engage with customers.”
Steven Mitchell
CEO, Dreamland Margate

Business is won on good customer experience, and lost on what you don’t know about your customers.

Wi-Fi helps you connect with new visitors and understand your existing customers better through rich, contextually-relevant customer data.

  • Create a single point of truth for loyalty teams by integrating with existing databases.
  • Personalize customer experiences based on past behavior.
  • Send targeted marketing messages by leveraging customer insights and demographic data. Enriched customer data to complement your CRM.
  • Gain insight into dwell time around your venue and other location analytics.

How it works

Build your Wi-Fi sign-on page
Create a customized page in minutes with our splash screen builder.
Access customer data
Visitors log on to your venue Wi-Fi with email or social and can opt in to share their details for your marketing programs.
Integrate your other platforms
Create a single view of the customer by integrating Local Measure with your existing customer records.
Organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.1

Find out more about your visitors

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