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Crowne Plaza® London Heathrow Increases HeartBeat Score by 5%

By implementing real-time feedback technology to support their traditional reputation management platform, Crowne Plaza® London Heathrow boosts their HeartBeat metric by 5% – a key metric for InterContinental Hotel Groups' operations teams.


The 465-room Crowne Plaza London Heathrow® is a leisure and conference hotel situated near London Heathrow airport. The hotel has 21 meeting rooms, leisure facilities and a choice of restaurants. Part of the InterContinental Hotel Group, the team uses the “HeartBeat” score as a measure of guest experience.


With up to 20,000 guests each month, many of whom arrive late and leave early for flights, Aman Bhuiyan and the team at Crowne Plaza London Heathrow found that customer feedback was often received too late, once a guest had already left.

“If it’s already on TripAdvisor and you’re responding, that’s reactive, not proactive - you end up apologizing, rather than recovering guest feedback onsite. The challenge is to listen to these customers on a daily basis while they’re onsite.” 

Alongside this post-stay issue, the team would receive only 200 pieces of feedback each month from up to 20,000 guests across other review and reputation management tools and the Crowne Plaza brand website, which they didn’t see as a sufficient insight into onsite customer experience.

“If it’s already on TripAdvisor and you’re responding, that’s reactive, not proactive - you end up apologizing, rather than recovering guest feedback onsite. The challenge is to listen to these customers on a daily basis while they’re onsite.”

“For me, hearing the voice and views of only about 100 guests out of 20,000-plus customers, only after their departure, didn’t let us show our passion for providing excellent customer service. We ended up apologizing for negative experiences, instead of having the chance to turn them around while [the guests] are still with us” said Bhuiyan, “that’s the reason we implemented Local Measure Pulse.”


Setting up Pulse was simple: The Local Measure team worked with the hotel’s service provider to implement Pulse into the WiFi flow, then the hotel team were trained onsite by Local Measure’s team, with access to the Local Measure platform to receive and resolve guest feedback.

Now, when guests log on to the hotel’s WiFi, they see the Pulse screen and can select a 1-5 guest experience rating, with the opportunity to leave quick, qualitative feedback about their experience, overcoming the challenge that up to 50% of unhappy guests won’t report an issue face to face.

1. Hotel workflows

As Operations Manager at a busy hotel, with 16 Duty Managers operating throughout the week, Aman Bhuiyan is a believer that the simplest way of doing things is most effective. The team has a designated Pulse mobile phone, which sits with the onsite Duty Manager at all times, the onsite Duty Manager being accountable for resolving issues directly with the guest, adding a note and closing the case on Pulse.

“We’ve got a deadline to resolve issues from Pulse in 2 hours” adds Bhuiyan.

2. A single, open question

Since implementing Pulse in January 2019, the team has seen a broad range of feedback, thanks largely to the simple, open wording of Pulse, asking the customer “Is there anything we can do better?”

The first time a guest sees Pulse is often soon they after arrive in their room, which enables the team to resolve guest issues early in their stay, which are often about check-in or room allocation. For hotels, these are common friction points in the guest journey that would go unmentioned until a post-stay review.

“With Pulse, as guests log on to WiFi they can comment that they had a great dinner last night, or make a request straight after check-in, or let us know of any problem.”  

It’s not only negative comments Aman and the team receive, “We are capturing guest data and preferences such as comments from regulars about a room or floor they like, so they can try and locate them there on their next stay, or on a meal they enjoyed at our restaurant, so we can offer a similar dish on a future visit.”


Up to 5% increase in HeartBeat score

For the InterContinental Hotel Group, a hotel’s HeartBeat score is the key metric for customer experience success. Bhuiyan reports, “We have seen HeartBeat jump 3-5% since we implemented Pulse.

Guest experience responses jumped 150%, providing greater customer understanding

Before Pulse, the hotel received a total average of some 200 guest satisfaction surveys a month through onsite reviews and other travel review platforms. Using Pulse has increased the volume of guest feedback by an impressive 150% (500 pieces of feedback a month). This gives the guest experience team a much broader and better understanding of their customers and the ability to rapidly swing into action to meet their needs.

“When the hotel is at 90% occupancy, the team receives up to 15 qualitative, positive or negative Pulses each day that are immediately actionable, which they promptly respond to.”

“It may be something simple like getting the TV to work, rather than a complaint. We efficiently handle a mixture of requests, complaints and feedback every day. We’re very happy with the way Pulse is working for us.”

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