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Delivering Customer Wi-Fi and Business Intelligence for Virgin Hotels

Delivering Customer Wi-Fi and Business Intelligence for Virgin Hotels

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Located in Chicago, the first Virgin Hotels is a historic landmark. The Virgin brand is well known for its rock n’ roll heritage and being a consumer champion, so naturally the brand’s first hotel had to set a high bar. With young, tech-savvy guests to serve, the team knew that fast, free Wi-Fi had to be on offer.


Virgin Hotels Chicago is very food, beverage and entertainment focused. They receive a large number of guests at their hotel bar, restaurants, speakeasy, and rooftop bar and lounge. Many of these guests aren’t necessarily staying at the hotel so it's difficult to capture any data on them. Even with the guests who are staying at the hotel, if they booked through a third party, the hotel could still be missing information about them.

These ‘shadow’ guests were a missed opportunity as there was no way to communicate with them about future events at the hotel, promotions, new openings or the hotel’s loyalty program ‘The Know’. As the hotel’s provider of guest intelligence, Local Measure was asked to provide a Wi-Fi solution to capture customer records and more.

“If I don't know who that customer is, what they're looking for and what their likes are, I'm never going to be able to deliver on the promise of what Virgin Hotels is bringing.”     – Doug Carillo, VP Sales & Marketing, Virgin Hotels


Local Measure’s team provided a joint Wi-Fi solution with Cisco Meraki. The Cisco Meraki hardware that was installed around the premises allowed the Virgin Hotels team to tick all the boxes when it came to having fast Wi-Fi, great bandwidth and location analytics. Local Measure’s frictionless  sign-on page provided a captive portal that the team could customize for the Virgin brand and that allowed them to capture great customer data.

When guests select Virgin Hotels Wi-Fi, they have the choice of signing in with social media in one-click by tapping Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or with their email address. The newly gained insights allow Virgin Hotels to:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Target sales offers
  • Build loyalty with personalized communications
  • Create campaigns based on contextual data
  • Understand customers better through new insights
  • Refine audience segmentation


Within 6 months, Virgin Hotels were able to collect 40,000 emails through customer Wi-Fi, with 29,000 of those being unique. This has enabled them to achieve the following:

Anticipatory service

Virgin Hotels has been able to learn about important details that customers might not have thought to volunteer, such as the number of times they have previously visited, and whether they are there for a special event, which has in turn allowed them to provide more anticipatory service and a higher level of hospitality.


Personalization has always been at the heart of ‘The Know’ loyalty program and now Virgin Hotels can more easily deliver these types of experiences for guests based on insights from customer Wi-Fi.

Improved marketing metrics

The Virgin Hotels marketing team have been able to be more targeted with their email marketing campaigns, making them more relevant to the person that's receiving the emails. Open rates, click through rates, and conversion rates have gone up since implementing the solution.

“The fact that we collected 40,000 email addresses and 29,000 were unique was a big big win for us because we knew that we were capturing those customers that weren't staying in our hotel, and we needed that level of data.”           – Doug Carillo, VP Sales & Marketing, Virgin Hotels

This case study leverages technology from AWS including S3, EC2, Cloudfront and Lambda.
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