Case Study

Dreamland Margate

Launching one of Britain's oldest amusement parks into the 21st century with Cisco Wi-Fi integrations

Considered to be the oldest-surviving amusement park in Great Britain, the site of Dreamland dates back to the early 1860s. Under threat of closure in the early 2000s, the community and investors stepped in, helping to secure funding for its re-build and revitalization. The renewal included modernizing the park's Wi-Fi connectivity and the way staff interact with visitors on social media.


Towards the end of 2016,  £25 million was invested in relaunching the iconic 16-acre park, including its 18 vintage rides, zoo, miniature railway, cinema, cafés, restaurants, bars, retail space and ballroom. Following the relaunch in 2017, Dreamland set a target of a million visitors per year. To help achieve this, the team needed a better way to connect with and understand its local customers and visitors to the town.


Dreamland knew that having free customer Wi-Fi was key to creating a great customer experience at the park. To do this, they installed 24 Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi access points and paired it with Local Measure’s social sign-on and customer intelligence to gain insight about customer behaviour at the park. Using Cisco Spark, the team were able to receive Local Measure notifications about guests posting at the park, inside the team’s chat rooms, allowing them to respond in real-time.

“Using Cisco Spark and Local Measure really enables me to look at who our customers are, what they’re doing when they’re on-park and enables us to interact with them in a really personal way.”Katie Lipington, Head of Marketing, Dreamland Margate

The implementation of the Wi-Fi access points and Local Measure was only a matter of weeks. On the night of the park’s re-opening, the team were immediately able to start using Local Measure thanks to the app’s intuitive design and seamless integration.

“One of the things that we were impressed with when we spoke to Local Measure was that we were able to move from that initial discussion to going live and it impacting our business positively within three weeks.”Steven Mitchell, CEO, Dreamland Margate

The data collected through this innovative approach to customer Wi-Fi allows the park to understand more about the visiting guests and the dwell time around different attractions at the park. It also provides valuable customer insight and can inform operational teams as to where they might need more staff, what the wait times are and which rides are most popular on social media.

“I can go in and look at a dashboard of what’s happening on-park, how many interactions we’re having, how we’re responding to customers … it allows us to be much more responsive and it also allows us to build up a set of data over time so that we can engage with customers when they’re not here and hopefully bring them back for another great event or day at the park.”Steven Mitchell, CEO, Dreamland Margate

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