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Groupe Germain Hotels

A boutique luxury hotel chain focused on knowing their guests

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Groupe Germain Hotels is a family-owned, Quebec-based company comprising Le Germain Hotels and Alt Hotels. Groupe Germain Hotels specialize in offering guests a warm, luxurious, comfortable environment and personal, attentive service. Every gesture counts and when it comes to guest needs, nothing is left to chance.


Groupe Germain’s goal is to grow its number of properties across Canada by over 25% within three years. To bolster their impressive growth and success, the group is focused on delivering best-in-class guest experience, based on knowing personal details about each of their guests – a difficult task for any hotel.

Before using Local Measure, it was difficult for Groupe Germain to find all the posts being made at their hotels. When they started using the platform they realized that they were only interacting with 40% of their guests who posted on social media during-stay. By the time the hotel could find the guests’ posts and reply (an average of 4 days later), it was often already too late and the guests had left.

“As hoteliers, we want to have as much information about our guests as possible. It doesn’t have to be big things, it’s the small touches that we do for our guests that let them know that we know them and that we want to know them better.”Clarah Germain, Content and Social Media Manager, Groupe Germain Hotels


Groupe Germain immediately identified that involving the front line teams in using Local Measure would empower them to deliver more personalized customer service while improving both the interaction rates and the speed of response.

Groupe Germain Hotels fully rolled out Local Measure in all of their 13 properties to enable them to interact with guests and gain knowledge around the context of their visit. Jacques-Alexandre Paquet, General Manager, Hotel Le Germain Montreal, says “The thing I do everyday, is look at the arriving guests to know the reason why they are here right now.” André Cloutier, Concierge at Hotel Le Germain, aims to please guests through small gestures, but gestures that they wouldn’t receive at other hotels.

“It’s the hardest part of our job – to know about the guests we have at the hotel.”André Cloutier, Concierge at Hotel Le Germain


Increased interaction and response rates

Groupe Germain’s results after six months:

  • doubled the interaction rate on social media
  • reduced response time by 75% across the entire portfolio, engaging with over 80% of guests’ social posts within 12 hours
  • increased the average monthly volume of social content at each hotel by 47%
  • increased the average number of guests posting at each of their hotels each month by 52%

At start of using Local Measure

After six months

All of these metrics equate to a hugely expanded social footprint for Groupe Germain’s brand on social media, driving word of mouth and awareness to their guests’ social media followers.

Teamwork is key

Success is owed to the use of cross-functional teams at the hotel properties, including General Managers, Concierge teams and the Social Media Manager. These teams have become much more involved in social media, using it to deliver more personalized service. Most importantly, each and every one of the hotels is now able to surprise and delight guests before they leave or fix a problem while they are still onsite.

“As a whole, the company is realizing more and more the importance of social media and how it can change our way of serving and hosting - which is priceless.”Clarah Germain, Content and Social Media Manager, Groupe Germain Hotels

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