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Novotel Amsterdam City Improves Guest Satisfaction Using Pulse

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Novotel Amsterdam City is a busy, urban hotel that receives a high percentage of international travelers. Business travelers often choose the hotel for its proximity to the city’s large convention centers while leisure travelers enjoy the close public transport links. Additionally, the hotel’s restaurant, bar and cocktail lounge attract visitors who are not staying in the hotel. Providing a high quality guest experience for all types of guests and visitors is paramount for the team.


The challenge for Novotel Amsterdam City was two-fold. Firstly, the hotel wanted a way to improve on the individual experiences guests were having, before they checked out. Since post-stay survey results come too late to make a difference to the guest, the hotel needed an unobtrusive way to see how their stay was going.

Secondly, the hotel didn’t have a way of connecting with the many customers who weren’t guests of the hotel but who frequented the restaurant and bar. The hotel wanted the opportunity to engage with these people and gain customer insights.


The team worked with Local Measure to implement Pulse, a real-time feedback tool. With Pulse, when guests log in to the hotel's Wi-Fi, they see a screen with the following question: "How are you enjoying your stay so far?" The guest replies with a rating on a scale of 1 (not satisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). Further comments can then be added to the rating. The hotel staff receive an immediate notification, allowing them to improve the experience during the guest's stay.

“The greatest added value is to be able to respond to the wishes and needs of our guests during their stay.” - Dirk Beljaarts, General Manager at Novotel Amsterdam City


The hotel started the Pulse trial in September and took stock after almost two months. The results exceeded expectation: an average of 24 extra reviews per day and an increase of two points on the total guest satisfaction score in the month of October compared to the same month a year earlier. The hotel is expected to receive 7,500 extra reviews per year.

“Thanks to Pulse, we can improve the guest’s stay during their visit – even for business guests or for guests who don’t sleep at the hotel, but for example take a seat at our bar, we now get feedback. That is very valuable. " - Dirk Beljaarts, General Manager at Novotel Amsterdam City

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