Hard Rock Hotel Bali Gets Ahead in Online Reviews

Hard Rock Hotel in Bali

Located on the iconic Kuta Beach, Hard Rock Hotel Bali unveiled its premium rooms in July 2018, following a significant renovation after 20 years of operation. To enhance the premium service they offer, the team began using Local Measure’s real time feedback tool Pulse, to help provide immediate service recovery, gain deeper guest insights, and improve guest satisfaction scores.

About the hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel Bali is located in one of the most popular tourist areas of Bali. The legendary reputation of Hard Rock means that the hotel and restaurant is instantly recognized by the thousands of international guests frequenting the area. The +400 room hotel is fronted by the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant which offers a rock n’ roll inspired menu and becomes an after-dark hangout with nightly live entertainment.


Being a large hotel with extensive facilities and busy food and beverage venues, the team at Hard Rock Hotel Bali need to act quickly when it comes to serving guests. When we asked General Manager, Shane Coates about the challenges the team were looking to address, he explained that they would occasionally see negative reviews online after departure, and were seeking a better way to obtain immediate feedback while their guests were still in-house.

"If the guests were not happy, they would post a review online after departure which is frustrating – without providing us the opportunity to personally address their concerns." – Shane Coates, General Manager, Hard Rock Hotel Bali


The solution to Hard Rock Hotel’s challenge involved a two-pronged approach: implementing the Pulse feedback tool and creating a new process for service teams.

1. Getting feedback in real-time: The hotel implemented Pulse in December 2018 which allowed them to prompt all guests who login to Wi-Fi with a screen that asks them to rate their experience and if it’s negative to provide details. The team is then able to see the feedback in real time, and respond directly while notifying other team members when the feedback has been actioned.

2. Prioritizing negative feedback: If the guest is not satisfied (leaving a rating from 1–3), the Duty Managers will personally contact them via phone or through the email captured in Pulse to discuss and resolve their concerns, showing the guest how important they are to the hotel.

“Most guests are quite surprised how quickly we reply, along with either immediate service recovery or simply providing clearer information to help with the guest’s understanding.” – Shane Coates, General Manager, Hard Rock Hotel Bali


When asked about how Pulse has impacted the guest experience at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali, Shane said the most significant impact has been both the guest satisfaction score results and post stay reviews.

1. Improved Guest Satisfaction Scores

At the end of each guest’s stay, the hotel invites guests to respond to a short survey about their experience. These surveys are standard across the Hard Rock brand and are compiled to provide an overall Guest Satisfaction Score for each property. Since implementing Local Measure Pulse, the Hard Rock Hotel Bali saw an increase from 4.37 to 4.44 year on year and a reduction in negative reviews online.

2. Increase in percentage of positive reviews

For hotels, online reviews can make or break their reputation. General research estimates that a single negative review can cost a business up to 30 customers. After the implementation of Pulse, Hard Rock Hotel Bali were successful in increasing their percentage of positive reviews from 83% to 86%.

“We have certainly seen an increase in guest satisfaction through both our post-stay surveys and via online reviews. Our review rating via Revinate shows an increase from 4.37 to 4.44 year on year, and an increase of positive reviews from 83% to 86%.” – Shane Coates, General Manager, Hard Rock Hotel Bali

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