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In the fast-paced city of Bangkok, Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 appreciates the importance of timeliness when it comes to responding to guests. The hotel worked with Local Measure to implement a real-time feedback program using Pulse, which turned out to be “one of the best customer service tools” they’ve added to their business.

About Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20

Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 is located in the center of everything that Bangkok has to offer tourists, providing a gateway to the city’s exotic cultural charms. The mid-scale hotel appeals to business and leisure travelers from all over the world who want to access decadent shopping malls, local markets, fine restaurants, nightlife and cultural attractions.


With an average of 100+ guests checking in every day, many of whom are unfamiliar with Bangkok and the local culture, there is much time pressure on staff to ensure guest expectations are met. Clear communication around guest feedback is critical, as is understanding the issues that guests experience that prevent them from becoming ‘promoters’. For Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20, it was important to ensure that feedback was not only easy for guests to leave, but also immediately actionable and understood by hotel staff.


Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 implemented Local Measure’s real-time feedback tool, Pulse. Within just a few days, after providing a URL to their internet provider, the team were able to start seeing feedback come in. A prompt was set up so that when guests logged in to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, they would see a screen asking how their stay was going so far. The response was multiple choice – five emojis that ranged from very unhappy to very happy. All that was required of the guest was to select the appropriate emoji. If a neutral or unhappy emoji was selected, guests would be asked to describe their feedback and provide their room number so that the issue could be followed up.

Staff could immediately see responses come through on their mobile devices, and after addressing issues with guests, they could mark each response as ‘actioned’, providing visibility to the whole team. Reports also allowed upper management to see how the hotel was doing over time. The uptake of the tool amongst the staff was extremely quick.

“Pulse is an ideal tool within the hotel to facilitate immediate/real-time actions by our hotels ‘Heartists’, ensuring even the smallest details can be taken care of, making more of our guests ‘Raving Fans’ and in turn repeat clients and promotors of our hotel in the very competitive hotel market of Bangkok. Benjamin Krieg, General Manager


1. Passive guests became promoters

On the NPS scale, ‘promoters’ are guests who rank the hotel a 9 or 10 on a scale of 0–10, and ‘passives’ are guests who provides scores from 7–8. It can be difficult to understand what’s lacking from the experience of a passive guest since they don’t usually complain.  Within the first month of using Pulse, the hotel gained insight into how they could improve the stay of these guests and consequently the percentage of guests who qualified as promoters when ranking the hotel’s accomodation rose from 70% to 78%.

“We didn’t know about 99% of these problems, unless they annoyed the guest so much that they called us. The majority of the suggestions were niggling little ‘nice to haves’ or ‘could you consider...”  Benjamin Krieg, General Manager

2. Service recovery timeliness

One of the most immediately noticeable achievements was the time it took staff to respond to guests. Krieg noted, “Pulse helped our team a lot for service recovery timeliness. We learned that the number of negative reviews is reducing on both NPS and RPS because of it.”

3. Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 15%

In the first month of using Pulse, the hotel experienced a 15% increase in their NPS scores when averaging hotel member and non-member scores. External studies have shown a very strong positive correlation between NPS and TripAdvisor ratings, further extending the impact of their real-time feedback program.


Just a short period after implementing Pulse, Krieg explained that Pulse has been a game-changer for the hotel, “I think this is one of the best customer service tools we have added into our business in years, and I have no hesitation to recommend its immediate widespread rollout, and my operations team feel the same way.”

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