Customer Experience is a brand differentiator like no other. Therefore, addressing customer experience challenges is critical in today’s world. Being prepared for the Customer Experience challenges of tomorrow, however, is a different story. Emerging Customer Experience (CX) trends will challenge all organizations to innovate and respond faster.

Research from Tayler Reach indicates that 60% of contact center agents say their company doesn’t give them the right technology, and 34% of agents say they don’t have access to the correct customer data. So how can brands genuinely differentiate themselves in terms of CX if they don’t give their agents the right tools and context to deliver personalized and empathetic customer service?

Engage for Amazon Connect, Local Measure’s omnichannel agent desktop for cloud contact centers has recently undertaken a significant platform upgrade based on extensive customer research and feedback. As a result, our supercharged contact center platform brings exciting new features and workflow enhancements that will make work easier for agents, deliver fast results for businesses, and reduce customer friction.

Like any software, it is far better to see features than read about them, so why not book a demo today and experience first-hand the exceptional agent experience that Engage for Amazon Connect delivers.

In the meantime, here are some of the features and benefits you’ll experience with the upgraded Engage for Amazon Connect. It’s as easy as ABC…

60% of contact center agents say their company doesn’t give them the right technology, and 34% of agents say they don’t have access to the correct customer data.

Agent Experience

The refreshed Engage for Amazon Connect agent interface is clean and simple. It is designed to improve agent performance by giving contact center agents all the information they need when they need it. 

We’re particularly excited to help our customers see significant reductions in After Call Work (ACW) handling time with multi-tiered resolution codes that are now easier to find, browse and apply. As each conversation ends, agents are presented with a call summary, allowing them to add notes as well as suggested resolution codes based on the context of the enquiry. With better accuracy in these resolution codes, businesses will also benefit from more accurate data for ongoing analysis and reporting.

In addition to workflow improvements, something that is often overlooked is how agents take a break. With voice calls and digital conversations coming in thick and fast, how do agents stop for lunch without inadvertently leaving a customer waiting? Powered by Amazon Connect Agent Next Status, agents using Engage can now pause new contacts being routed to them. The benefit of this is that it allows them time to close current customer conversations, then apply their next status once their slots are all clear. As a result, agents can finally enjoy their lunch break at lunchtime!

Business Experience

In today’s world, it’s not just the big brands that need to consider data security. From startups to SMBs and Enterprise businesses, understanding the implications and mitigating risks associated with data handling and customer privacy is paramount. 

By leveraging Amazon Connect’s new Customer Profiles, businesses can rest assured knowing that with Engage, no customer PII (personally identifiable information) is stored in Local Measure. Instead, all customer data lives within the client’s own AWS environment. Additionally, for those offering an omnichannel customer experience, Engage for Amazon Connect provides one single inbox for all customer conversations. No more disparate systems, each with their own methods of data storage.

Customer Experience

According to research by Microsoft, 72% of consumers say that when contacting customer service, they expect the agent to ‘know who they are, what they have purchased, and have insights into their previous engagements.’ So keeping context at the center of every customer conversation is core to our platform, and now we’ve made that context even easier to access.

When speaking with customers, agents can now easily review the cross-channel history that compiles all previous customer interactions into one single thread. Conversation threads are collapsed with a key heading only, making it easy for agents to scan and access the relevant information. Agents can then expand previous conversations to review the interaction and quickly get the context they need. Agents can also add conversation notes before transferring a customer query to another queue or agent. These notes help provide context, particularly for cold transfers, reducing the need for customers to answer the same qualifying questions time and time again. We’ve all been there before, and we know how frustrating that can be.

72% of consumers say that when contacting customer service, they expect the agent to ‘know who they are, what they have purchased, and have insights into their previous engagements.

Take Omnichannel Customer Experience To The Next Level

Image of Engage for Amazon Connect Agent Desktop
Engage for Amazon Connect Agent Desktop

Local Measure’s Engage for Amazon Connect has been designed to provide agents with the right tools and context to deliver an exceptional customer experience. As omnichannel contact center solutions continue to grow in popularity, it is imperative to ensure you use the right technology to provide great experiences to your customers. With the release of this update, we have taken our award-winning Engage for Amazon Connect platform to the next level.

The result is a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable solution that will empower your agents to provide a truly personalized and empathetic customer experience. Whether you are a local business or a global brand, your customers are no longer passive recipients of your communication. Instead, they expect to be able to interact with you at their own pace, in their own environment, in a way that fits with how they want to communicate. Engage provides businesses with the ability to manage all their channels, including voice, text, email, and social media, from a single pane of glass, allowing them to deliver personalized messages, answer questions, and resolve issues appropriately. In today’s omnichannel world, there is no doubt that your brand is only as good as your customer experience.

This platform upgrade will bring immediate improvements to the agent, business, and customer experience for existing Engage for Amazon Connect customers. However, for new and potential customers, this upgrade is just the beginning. At Local Measure, we are committed to customer success. Engage for Amazon Connect has been designed with the future in mind, and we’re excited to keep enhancing our platform to address your customer experience needs.
At Local Measure, we want our customers to make an investment in customer experience (CX) that will see them thrive well into the future - a platform that will scale with their business without the need for expensive customizations and updates down the track.

For quick and easy procurement of Engage for Amazon Connect, visit Local Measure on AWS Marketpace.