Butera's CX Growth With QR Codes

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Butera’s, a craft beer and pizza shop in Hamburg, New York, has long prided itself on quality food and drinks, and great service. Like so many food and beverage establishments around the globe, Butera’s was impacted by COVID-19 and forced to adapt to a new delivery and pick-up service only. Local Measure teamed up with Butera’s to improve customer engagement, enhance their customer experience and drive repeat business.


Butera’s has always valued repeat business. They actively monitor their online reputation and have worked hard to maintain a strong rating on Yelp. But unlike on-premise dining where service can be controlled and issues resolved quickly, off-premise dining carries far more risk. Butera’s suddenly found themselves faced with these challenges:

  • How to collect customer feedback and take action before a customer leaves a negative review online
  • How to collect customer insights and increase their customer loyalty base
  • How to increase revenue and promote repeat visits


QR Codes for customer engagement

Using a simple sticker with a prominent QR code on the pizza box, Butera’s customers are invited to scan the code and provide feedback. They’re incentivized with a 10% discount off their next order.

Customer Feedback to understand

Customers are brought to a simple Pulse survey where they’re invited to leave feedback and provide their contact details with consent. Butera’s are driving a culture for continuous improvement and building a database of loyal customers at the same time.

Automatic Responses to retain

Using a marketing automation engine, Butera’s is able to automatically send a follow up email to the customer with a discount coupon for next time. This is driving repeat business and increasing revenue.


71% of customer feedback surveys still being received

Despite a small drop in survey responses, Butera’s is still receiving customer feedback - a great result given their customers are no longer on-premise. The QR code allows anyone enjoying their pizza or beer to give feedback, not just the person who paid for the order.

Approved ownership of customer data

Had Butera’s used delivery services such as UberEats or Door Dash, they would not own the customer information. By using the Local Measure consent opt-in feature, the customer data is theirs to own. The next steps around engaging the customer to return are where it gets really exciting - developing rich customer profiles and providing special offers around customer preferences. Even surprising and delighting loyal customers with personalized features ‘Thanks for coming back again Sam - we’ve thrown in your favorite garlic bread this week just to say thanks!’.

22% increase in subscriber list

Butera’s is growing their subscriber list for marketing purposes. They can roll out campaigns (like their recent virtual beer tastings) to increase revenue. They can offer personalized coupons or discounts to drive repeat business. And they can keep their community informed of the business operations as the post-COVID era begins.

Butera’s is proving that a well considered customer experience strategy isn’t just for large restaurants and chains. Small and independent businesses can look to Butera’s for a clear example of best practice in leveraging technology to improve customer and revenue outcomes. This strategy is allowing Butera’s to improve customer engagement, better understand their needs and drive repeat business - placing the restaurant in a far stronger position for when on-premise dining resumes.

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