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Turning guest experiences into memorable moments.

increase in number of guests responded to

With Local Measure, Accor nearly doubled their digital engagement with guests and closely monitor visitor experience to provide unique ‘surprise and delight’ moments to guests in their hotels.

Who is Accor?

With over 200 properties across Australia and 3,700 internationally, Accor is one of world’s most trusted hotel groups. Ranging from luxury hotels to budget accommodation, they cater to a wide range of guests.


In an environment where hospitality is becoming increasingly commoditised, Accor aims to deliver quality service to their guests that remains personal.

“What we really want to ensure is that when a customer walks into one of our foyers or hotels, is that they notice something different.” Di Morgan, Director of Guest Experience.

Keeping a competitive edge and ensuring that their visitors receive the best possible service requires ongoing feedback and insight into the guest experience.


Accor uses Local Measure to discover create meaningful conversations with guests by taking online interactions offline.

“It’s given us so much more visibility of the guests we have in house. It’s able to pick up any chatter in the public forum, regardless of whether our hotel is actually mentioned or not. What that’s allowed us to do is often find out things that are going on in the property that we may not have been aware of before, whether they be special occasions or guests that need extra assistance.” Di Morgan, Director of Guest Experience.


89% increase in response rate

Over a 6 month period, Accor’s reach in responding to guests nearly doubled: from an overall 19%  response rate prior to using Local Measure, to a 36% response rate 6 months later. Meanwhile, the volume of posts sourced also surged due to the addition of geolocation data which surfaced over 300% more content from guests.

“It’s magnified the level of conversations and the speed at which we can talk to consumers.”Simon McGrath, Chief Operating Officer, Accor Pacific.

4x faster response rate

The additional visibility and efficiency provided by Local Measure enabled Accor to respond to guests on social media 4 times faster than before, cutting down response times to a quarter of what it had been originally and providing more timely assistance to their guests.

“They gave us trends, they gave us knowledge, they gave us power”Simon McGrath, Chief Operating Officer Accor Pacific.

11 Million average monthly reach

As a result of their increased customer engagement strategy using Local Measure, Accor reaches over 11million people via social media per month -  with around 27% of guests who post being return visitors, and over 10 users a month having a follower count of over 100,000. Engaging with highly influential visitors and encouraging them to post has helped boost loyalty and expand the hotels’ reach to a wider audience.