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Virgin Hotel Chicago

Strengthening Food & Beverage through UGC and actionable guest insights

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Virgin Hotels Chicago is the first of Virgin’s boutique hotels. Dedicated to revolutionizing the hotel experience, they provide the best of basic comforts with an innovative, digital twist. They emphasise the cultural, social and artistic street culture that Chicago has to offer. Virgin Hotels Chicago use Local Measure’s reporting and alerts to support and enhance their F&B strategies and build guest relationships with key influencers.


Virgin Hotels realised that they were missing out on key conversations by guests, and wanted to maximise their opportunities to build relationships with their guests and target influencers.

They recognised that their F&B offerings played a key part in driving traffic to their hotel, and wanted to help promote their venues and gain insight into the guest experience to create actionable insights and increase return visits.

“As a brand, we really want to have that quick and instant conversation with our guests, whether they’re hotel guests or locals of Chicago. A lot of the time a guest won’t tell us it’s their anniversary or their birthday if they haven’t signed up for our preference program.”Abby Geha, Marketing Director for Virgin Hotels


Virgin Chicago decided to implement a stronger F&B strategy by creating customised UGC galleries and alerts to track special events and take immediate action to enhance guest experiences using valuable feedback.

“It allows us to truly see those influencers and those key individuals that are at the hotel - and how we can elevate their experience.”Abby Geha, Marketing Director for Virgin Hotels


Enhanced support for F&B Strategy

Virgin Chicago created 4 galleries for each of their food outlets, garnering a total of 71,950 unique pageviews in four months, with 13,521 interactions on their page for the user-generated content galleries alone.

Staff were also able to provide a response rate of 37.2% to patrons visiting their restaurants and food outlets.

3M+ average monthly follower reach

Virgin Chicago sourced 148 influencers with over 20,000 followers on social media. By being more selective about which influential guests to target, they achieved an average monthly increase of 98% for total followers by interaction, over a 5 month period.

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